Up to 12.5Gbps Sub-channels CWDM SFP+

Functional Description

    IBS-12SxxyB-C10R Sub Channel SFP+ transceivers are designed to meet serial optical data communications specification. The transceivers are manufactured in hot pluggable capability package with receptacle LC connector interface and made of metallized housing to obtain excellent EMI shielding.

    The transmitter consists of DFB laser in an optical subassembly (OSA). 

The OSA is driven by a custom IC which converts differential CML logic signals into a laser diode drive current. The receiver includes a planar InGaAs PIN-PD mounted with a transimpedance preamplifier IC in an OSA. The OSA is mated to a custom limiting-amplifier which provides post-amplification and signal detect function (Logic 0 indicates normal operation).

The transceivers are designed to used in a single power supply (+3.3V) and an operating temperature range of 0 to +70(Option: -40 to +85(TBD))

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Up to 12.5Gbps data rate

Standard Small Form Pluggable package with receptacle LC/UPC connector

Compliant with SFP MSA

SFF-8472 compliant digital diagnostic monitoring function implemented

Internally calibrated mode

Cooled DFB laser transmitters

High sensitive PIN photodiode Receiver

Single +3.3V power supply

Operating case temperature; 0 to +70, (Option: -40 to +85(TBD))

Differential CML inputs and outputs

Internally AC-Coupled electrical interface

RoHS compliant

Digital Wireless Repeaters

High-speed Optical data links..

data sheet
Part. No Fiber type Data Rate Wavelength Optical components Distance Power Budget Connector Case Temp Datasheet
IBS-12SxxyB-C10R Single Mode 12.5Gbps 1270nm ~ 1350nm DFB / PIN 10dB LC BIDI C / I data sheet download