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Professional Optical communication solution

Thank you for visiting INTEC E&C. INTEC E&C Co., Ltd. was established on September 16, 1999 to develop optical devices and optical transceivers. Since the establishment, we have been devoting ourselves to product development and investing all the time with the mission of “Mutual trust”, “Customer satisfaction”, “Creative thinking” and “Unison” to achieve the globalization of high-speed optical communication.

Advanced ICT technology

As a professional provider for optical transceiver, INTEC E&C has been developing Analog and Digital optical transceivers based on its broad knowledge in optical communication field, supplying products to customers in data center, mobile communication, high speed internet and broadcasting field. INTEC E&C is committed to the development of global leading technologies to advance ICT technology which is the foundation of future 4th industry( IoT, Smart factory, Autonomous driving car) and 5th generation mobile communication. brWe are also developing innovative technologies and enhancing our price competitiveness to increase our competitiveness in the market.

CI Introduction

Express optical communication technology for high-speed information communication

  • Ellipse Shape : means global.
  • Lightning Shape : Transmits information at the speed of light.
  • INTEC : Abbreviation of information technology means technology of information society.
  • Open mind : The letter INTEC is drawn out of the ellipse, shows that the heart is open.